How to get the stronger shower head pressure

Bath is everyone daily needs and it cannot be ignored in order to maintain one’s health and hygiene. It’s very important that people all over the world are taking a bath every single day. A clean and fragrant body will be liked by anyone in any society. That’s why everything about our bath is important. One of the most common problems in our bath is how to get rid of low pressure from your showerhead. It’s true that most of the low-pressure problem during our bath is because of the shower head.

The reason of why your water pressure is very low might due to your shower head. The choice of shower head will determine your comfort level during your bath. If the shower head that you’ve chosen is too wide, then it’s the main reason of why your water pressure is low. The wider a water channel is, the lower the pressure will be. You can proof this by partially blocking the tip a hose which is spraying some water. The tighter you block its tip, the stronger the water current that comes out of the hose will be. It’s a common physics that almost everybody knows. That’s why it’s a good idea for you to choose a narrower shower head.

However, if your problem is the opposite, which is your water current is too high, choosing a wider shower head will lower your water pressure. It’s obvious if you’re taking a bath with a water current that’s too strong, it feels like you’re shooting yourself with a mini water cannon. That’s why the medium strength water current will be the most comfortable one to use for having a nice and relaxing bath. Too low, and it won’t feels relaxing. Too high, and it will be very painful. The right adjustment of shower head’s water current is essential if you want to have a comfortable shower during your bath time.