Easy way to do a WordPress migration

As an online business, you will surely run into where you want to move or change the hosting company you use. Maybe your old hosting company has been slow, slow customer service, etc., so you decide to move to the new company. But for many people, the migration of a website is the process of moving your website from a hosting company hosting the old to the new is something quite confusing, especially for people layman. Therefore, we will explain how to do a wordpress migration with a fairly easy way.

Excess how the migration will be explained below are:

It is easier and faster to do.
No need to backup files and database hosting manually origin.
No need to do the configuration/settings database on the hosting destination.
There is no downtime or time where the website can not be accessed during the transfer process.

To make the process of transfer of this website you need to use the help of a plugin called Duplicator.

Step 1: Create and Download File Package
WP-Admin Login to the website that will be moved.
Install the plugin Duplicator
Select the menu and then Create Package Duplicator
Download the package that consists of two files: Installer and Archive (zip file).

Step 2: Set Goals and Upload File Hosting Package
Login to Cpanel new hosting or hosting purposes.
Make Addon Domains (website domain name you want to move)
Go to File Manager and enter the domain folder newly add-on domains.
Upload package from the previous step consists of two files: Installer and Archive

Step 3: Install Package
Access to the URL template as follows:
http: // [ip-server] / ~ [user hosting] / [folder-domain-name] /
Save or run the file installer.php
– Create a Database and User Database in cPanel
– Click Run Deployment
– Change the appropriate URL domain and click Run Update

Step 4: Update Nameserver
Domain Nameserver Change of hosting the old to the new hosting nameserver.
Wait until the DNS changes perfectly (up to 24 hours)
Check whether the domain is already leading to new hosting.

Step 5: Finishing
Once the domain has been pointing to a new hosting IP, please log in to wp-admin / dashboard.
Change the URL in the menu: Settings – General
Resave Permalinks via Settings – Permalinks
Delete File Package (Installer and Zip File). IMPORTANT done so that your website is secure.
Import WordPress into Softtaculous / Quick Install or WordPress installation system that is used in your cPanel hosting.