Condoms type Circulated in the Market

The new rubber condom was produced in 1855 after Charles Goodyear created the vulcanization of rubber. Of course, the reality is not as it is now. Rubber condoms initial generation was sewn on the sides and a thickness of 1-2 mm. And can be used repeatedly. Only in 1912, a German named Julius Fromm developed a new production technique condom, by dipping the glass into the dough raw rubber solution so that the condom is so thin and without seams. Since the 1930s the condom has evolved into a disposable condom thin and cheap as it is now. Now you can even find a condom with a unique design as on the website of Rip and Roll, one of them as trump condoms.

Condom use is actually not just as a safety device only. You can make condoms as part of foreplay that lovemaking becomes a different atmosphere. Especially at this time of condoms available in a variety of textures and aromas. So you do not confuse the following select the types of condoms are many in the market:

– Condoms with aroma and flavor
Sensation: You can choose a favorite scent, such as chocolate, strawberry, durian, banana and mint. Adjust to your taste and your partner in order to make the event more ‘hot’.

– Ribbed Condom
Sensation: This one has a unique kind in the form threaded to increase the enjoyment of you and your partner.

– Extra Thin Condom
Sensation: one type is made of rubber with a very thin size. As a result, you and your husband make love as if without using condoms.

– Dotted Condom
Sensation: This type of spots in the vicinity that could cause surprising effects for women.

– Extra Safe Condom
Sensation: This type has additional lubricants, and contains extra protection to prevent pregnancy.

– Woman Condom
Sensation: Condoms are also made of latex or polyurethane, so elastic and flexible, condoms are more sensation or stimulus. Especially for men who do not like to wear condoms.

– Twist Condom
Sensation: This type is designed specifically to stimulate the sensitive areas of your and your partner.

– Condoms Vibrate
Sensation: the condom is equipped with a vibrating ring at the edges. Condom use special battery to drive the vibration ring can last up to 30 minutes.