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Another trip that will make you feel unnerved by your own holiday. You do not need to spend a fortune to use the services of tour operations, today there are many alternative trips that you can apply in your way, one of which is with the motor home rental Edinburgh. You can visit a garden maintained by Kew sponsored by the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs which belong to the botanical gardens and has an area of ??approximately 121 hectares and is home to a collection of living plants in the world’s largest preserved. Royal Botanic Gardens became the most important place for educational institutions and research plant, in 2003 has also been entered into the list of UNESCO world heritage site in the Royal Botanic Gardens, visitors can walk around and visit various buildings greenhouse between Rose Garden, Rock Garden, Waterlily House, Aquatic Garden and others. You will get an enjoyable experience at the same time will not be forgotten when using the services of a motorhome to start your journey.