The types of condominium that you shouldn’t buy

There are many condominiums that available for you to buy. You can choose the condo based on your budget, or you can simply choose the one that suits your needs and desires, as a long as you have the money. However, not all of the available condos are worth your money, due to there are some condominiums out there that simply overpriced, or the quality is lower than the price that yours must pay. However, if you want to get a quick recommendation, the queens peak is the best choice in Singapore.

Despite the high number of many excellent condominiums, there are several condominiums that you should never buy. Here are the signs of a condominium that will not be compatible with your needs:

1. It’s far from the public facilities

It’s a painful task to drive hours just to reach your destination. The important places such as the business districts, malls, schools, campuses, hospitals, and MRT stations should be close to your condo. If those locations are being too far away, then you must go through a long journey every single day, and you will waste a lot more money for your gas and public transport fee as well. This type of condo is the one that you should not buy.

2. The developer’s track record is bad

If the condominium developer has a bad history, then it’s a safer bet for you to choose another one. Although the developer might be better this time, it’s not a good idea to take the unnecessary risks, due to buying a condo requires a lot of fortune. Choosing a reputable and trustworthy condominium developer will be a good idea.

3. The building age

The older a condo building is the more expensive building maintenance cost that you should pay. Some company isn’t going to pay for the building repair cost. Ask them in advance before you buy a condo, in order to make sure whether the company is willing to pay for the building repair fee, or not.